Enigma is delighted to have enabled TestSafe access for the Auckland and Northern Region’s ANZACS-QI users. Historically this access has been available only for CMDHB’s ‘Acute Predict’ users and dates back to around 2010 – (pre-TestSafe days). Over the past few years there have been several efforts to work through the permissions required to ‘flick the switch’ for the other DHB’s within the TestSafe catchment area.

Fair to say that the wheels turn slowly… Over four years later, we received the formal go-ahead which we required, and last week ‘flicked the switch’ to provide this same service to the others in the region. This represents a rather large milestone for us, and as such we’re delighted.

What this means for the end users – it’s simple really; they don’t need to transpose results from one screen, into another window. The systems are now ‘connected’ and at the click of a button the ANZACS-QI system is able to perform a back-end lookup into TestSafe, and pull the relevant labs directly into the ANZACS-QI Registry’s forms.

It saves valuable time, reduces effort and removes transposition errors. It will help to capture the highest possible quality Registry data.

We’d like to thank the staff at health Alliance who helped significantly with this most recent effort to work through the required processes. In particular we need to recognise Adele Nairn (health Alliance), without whom we would not have achieved this. We’d also like to thank Sarah Thirlwall (CMH), Leanne Elder (CMH), Barbara O’Shaughnessy (WDHB) and Stuart Bloomfield (WDHB) for the various parts which they played in sponsoring work, organising assistance and completing the PIA work too.

For more information on ANZACS-QI, feel free to click here: http://www.enigma.co.nz/predict-medical/anzacs-qi/