Key TeamCare Components

Services Launchpad

Follow every aspect of your patient’s journey in one central hub – from what funded services are available to them, to their history and current progress within their programme, their care is at your fingertips.

Within a GP Practice, depending on the services being offered by the PHO/DHB, the list of services available to the practice is displayed on the Services Launchpad. As its name suggests, this is the starting point for selecting services for the patient.

The Services Launchpad is also used as a gatekeeper for service funding. On a per service basis, the Launchpad can be configured to show either a $ value available, the number of packages of care available or simply that funding is available.  A self-funded option is always available.

Supplementary business rules can also be implemented within this Launchpad eg funding is only available for certain age groups, DHBs, ethnicities etc, so the GP would be able to access services only where their patient meets the eligibility criteria.

The Launchpad enables the GP to enrol their patient into the chosen service and from this point, they are able to see the services that are subsequently added to the patient’s package of care; who is the assigned Provider; whether the Provider has accepted the patient; whether the Provider has seen the patient and any notes added by the Provider into the record – all updated in real-time.

For more information on the TeamCare Launchpad, click here.

Referral Management

Reduce the overheads of staying organised – customise your own Packages of Care and manage which providers can deliver them with TeamCare’s powerful and flexible Referral Management engine.

Some services may be provided within the practice but others will require referring to either a Coordination Service or directly to a Service Provider. TeamCare allows you as the customer, to configure which services are available; configure ‘standard’ ie most commonly requested packages of care; which Providers can provide which services; whether the Practice can refer directly to the Provider and even advise when the Provider is not available for a period of time.

The patient is enrolled directly into TeamCare and from this point the patient progresses through the pathway; their record is updated in real-time; the status and progress can be monitored by all parties responsible for their care and actions not completed within customer predetermined periods are flagged as delinquent.

Coordination / Creating a Package of Care

While ‘standard’ packages of care would be suitable for most patients, there will always be a need for custom or adhoc package of care to be provided for a patient – TeamCare caters for both. TeamCare allows Service Coordinators to create bespoke packages for patients and assign each of the services to Service Providers independently.

For example, a diabetic patient may have mental health issues. A package of care could be created for the patient comprising a psychology service and perhaps a dietary service.  The psychologist would work with the patient and simultaneously (over the same few weeks), the dietician would work with the patient:

  • The Psychologist would have visibility on the dietary service
  • The Dietician would have visibility of the psychology service
  • The PHO would have visibility on both services (minus the Provider notes)
  • The Practice would have visibility on both services

Budget Management

Stay on top of your budgets with real time tracking and reporting of your funding and current spend. Streamline your workflow by allowing providers to receive payments without having to submit any additional claims.

For each service, session and even down to the Provider level, the cost of service can be configured by the customer. This means that if the DHB or PHO specifies that a Provider can be funded to provide 5 sessions (2 at $75 and 3 at $50), the Provider can claim for a maximum of $300 for that service.  TeamCare also allows for some Providers to receive different rates for service provision by applying an override against the Provider’s account.


TeamCare includes the automatic generation of IRD approved Buyer Created Tax Invoices (BCTI).

Each time a Provider records in TeamCare that they have seen a patient, a transaction is logged against that Provider’s organisation. On 1st of the following month, a BCTI is automatically generated which is used by the PHO to pay the Provider for their services.  Summary reports are also available.


As well as improving workflow, TeamCare has indepth real-time reporting available, aggregated or expanded dependent on the user running the report. Some of the reports that come as standard with TeamCare are:

  • Open and Closed Services Reports
  • Closed Service Data Extract
  • Closed Service Provision Data Extract
  • Unassigned Services
  • Delinquent Returns Contractual Report
  • Budget Report


For a more detailed breakdown on the ‘behind the scenes’ architectural details, click here.