EpiNet (Registry)

EpiNet – Worldwide Registry

Web-based patient registry for clinicians and researchers, allowing efficient data collection for improved management of the global epileptic population.

  • Dashboard view for quick overview of a Clinician’s assigned patients
  • Detailed patient summary
  • Multiple sophisticated data collection forms
  • Data entry approval system with levels of accreditation
  • Multiple registries for handling different patient sets
  • Automated scheduled follow up reminders
  • Condition comparison charting
  • Data extract
  • Reporting on key data
  • Encourages optimal management of the patient
  • Provides a central repository, accessible worldwide
  • Created in partnership with the Auckland District Health Board

A registry for capturing data on patient episodes triggered by a medical condition; enables tracking and monitoring of outcomes based on approved treatments provided.

Benefits of EpiNet

  • Improve clinical care of patients
  • Dynamic clinical support, designed to capture relevant clinical data only
  • Control access and entry of data by role:
    • Read-only access
    • Research Assistant – requires approval from investigator
    • Investigator
    • Primary Investigator (owner) for a specific patient
    • Anonymised administrator access
  • The investigator who enters the information (the primary investigator) determines who can access the record
  • Low-cost, collaborative approach to research
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Information on patients with specific syndromes allowing for focused studies
  • Identification of relatively large groups of patients with uncommon or rare syndromes, so that research in these patient groups can be facilitated
  • Data collection tool, not intended for use as a clinical trial

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