Enigma provide support services to our clients under Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Commonly our arrangements are not with end-users, but with the customers who buy our products. We normally provide Tier 2 support to contacts within the customer organisations. Tier 1 support is normally provided to end-users from within the customer organisations.

Examples of this:

  • We sell to PHOs who provide their practice support facilitators and first level support / help.
  • We sell to DHBs who provide their own in-house champions and first level of assistance. Sometimes this might include DHB staff or Health Alliance helpdesk.
  • We sell to corporates who provide health and wellness programmes to their workforce. They would coordinate the health providers who undertake the assessments and provide the initial help which they might need.
  • We sell directly to occupational health companies who service a number or corporates, they coordinate the individual providers and also provide the initial support.

This approach allows us to build a solid working relationship with the key personnel within each company and helps to shift working knowledge into each of those companies.

If you’re an end-user looking for help, we will happily take some details from you, we’ll then follow-up with the primary point of contact within your customer organisation when responding to your request.

We have been providing support services for our products for many years; in order to give the best level of assistance we run a ticketing system, this ensures that no request for help gets lost, and provides traceability and accountability for all aspects of providing service to clients. If you need help, you can log a ticket through our helpdesk email address: [email protected]

Our support desk is manned by a full-time, dedicated member of staff who is able to draw on the rest of the team for any assistance required.

We take customer service seriously, if you have an issue which we’ve failed to resolve to your satisfaction, please email our Chris W, General Manager.