Email to staff (21st March 2020):

Hi Everyone,

Today (Saturday 21st March) the PM raised our Covid-19 alert level to ‘2’.

You might want to visit that link, read and listen to what this means for everyone.

Importantly, to us all individually and to Enigma; this heightened level means that we have been asked to implement greater self-isolation practices, and for all businesses to put into place any available plans to ‘work-from-home’. Not all companies can do this as fully and as effectively as we believe we can. In our case, this means that from Monday, until further notice, we will all be working from our home environments for the foreseeable future.

I would expect each of you to have what you need in order for you to effectively work from home on Monday morning, even if this means arranging to collecting items from the office *over this weekend, before Monday morning*.

… Vish will continue to travel to the office daily, in order to manage the required backup tape swaps, and to continue to store the tapes in the office each day. In order for Vish to be as socially-distanced as every other one of us, this means that the rest of us cannot be in the office at the same time as Vish. – Please, from Monday morning, avoid dropping into the office without making arrangements to be in there (through me).

Our office cleaning will continue as normal, with a full clean taking place each weekend. Vish, in the meantime, you will need to perform your own additional cleaning on a daily basis (while you’re the only one in the office). – Please wipe down with disinfectant and a paper towel: commonly used door handles, kitchen surfaces, bathroom sink areas, alarm keypad, your desk surface etc. This is to keep the office as clean as possible from any potential contaminants which you might bring into it while you’re there. If you end up having to take time off because you become ill, then we want anyone else who has to go into the office to have confidence that you’ve been keeping it as clean as possible please.

So, please do whatever prep you need to before Monday’s 09:30 meeting, and we’ll see you online, from your homes.

Thanks, any questions, please give me a ring.