Maternity Services

Shared Care Primary Maternity Services

Vastly improves patient maternity care by leading Providers through an appropriate care-plan based on approved maternity guidelines, enabling care to be easily shared between Provider, Lead Maternity Carer and DHB.

  • Improves the delivery of shared care maternity services
  • Enables Providers to ensure that all applicable tests and checks have been completed
  • Improves compliance with guidelines
  • Provides immediate real-time status information on registrations, with reporting on key data
  • Gives the Provider and the DHB immediate visibility on funded services provided
  • Provides flexibility as to the type of care available to the patient
  • Integrated with Medtech or MyPractice Patient Management Systems
  • Created with credible clinical partners, Counties Manukau District Health Board?

Dynamic and interactive, links Providers to DHB; clear visibility on the status of registrations; improved care for the patient

Benefits of SCPMS

To the DHB

  • Immediately see when a patient has been registered, enabling them to be ‘booked in’ to the applicable hospital
  • Allows the care provided to be shared between the Provider and the Lead Maternity Carer, with all data contributing to one registration
  • View real time registration status information
  • View funding on a Practice and/or Provider basis
  • Run real time status reports / key performance indicator reports

To the Provider

  • Register a patient and the patient is immediately ‘booked in ’ with the DHB
  • Receive prompts when completing the patient registration to ensure that all important information is entered
  • Complete on-going assessments at the appropriate stage in the pregnancy
  • Follow the care plan which shows the maternity checks that need to be carried out and when
  • Reduced data entry due to pre-population of key data fields from the PMS
  • See the progress of the patient through the summary of assessment information
  • Print a summary of all assessments and provide it to the patient
  • Receive funding based on the assessments provided
  • Provide the patient with material from specifically targeted web links

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