Your Heart Forecast

The leading CVD Risk visualisation tool for clinicians and patients, communicating CVD Risk using a trajectory approach.

 Update: Enigma continues to deliver the Your Heart Forecast tool to users of PREDICT CVD Diabetes, and have updated the tool to keep it aligned to current guidance. The latest version of our CVD Diabetes management module implements the content released within the ‘Consensus Statement’ released in 2018, this is live and in production use.

The team is currently working on extensions of the YHF toolset which will allow replay of the forecast on a patient’s own device or mobile phone (including iPhones and iPads). They’re also building in some further demonstrations of the benefits that certain types of treatments are expected to deliver to the individual patient.

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  • Updated to the latest NZ specific algorithms and consistent with the latest guidance.
  • Linked to YHE to enable rapid deployment of new and further updated/refined algorithms.
  • Available to other tool vendors, bunded within the Your Heart Engine offering.
  • Patient specific, highly relevant to individuals
  • Pictorial / story board approach, easy to understand
  • Generates a ‘Heart Age’ for your patient
  • Implements the NZ based, CVD Risk Assessment guidelines
  • Evidence based, NZGG guidelines
  • Created with credible partners;
  • University of Auckland (SoPH) and Heart Foundation of NZ
  • Integrated into PREDICT CVD-Diabetes


Communicate CVD Risk to your patients; drive early patient engagement over lifestyle interventions. Show patients the difference they can make to their future health.

Benefits of Your Heart Forecast

For Providers

  • Visually show the degree of CVD Risk
  • Determine the ideal risk level of your patient
  • Show how far from an ideal risk level they are
  • Calculate a ‘Heart Age’ for each patient
  • Project future risk as your patient ages
  • Interactively demonstrate the effect of
  • changing modifiable risk factors (smoking)
  • Provide a printable summary
  • Invite your patient to re-play their forecast at home or at work


For Patients

  • View your CVD risk level and categorisation Understand how far from an ideal profile you currently are, expressed both graphically and also as a ‘Heart Age’
  • See how your risk will vary as you age, and when you may need to start medication
  • Use the ‘WHAT-IF’ section to see how you can alter your risk, see the effect of each change
  • See the difference that quitting smoking makes
  • Get a personalised invitation to re-play the forecast on the Heart Foundation’s website (Know Your Numbers)
  • Use Your Heart Forecast at home and talk with your family about what this means to you and the changes which you need to make
  • Decide to make lifestyle changes to avoid necessary medication or hospitalisation


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Your Heart Forecast