Predict Medical

The Predict suite of tools was originally developed for medical applications, specifically to deliver in-depth, Electronic Clinical Decision Support (ECDS). The aim is to directly assist the medical providers at the time and point of care, within the patient consultation, by advising them of the evidence-based, best-practice treatment profiles for the individual patient.

This approach requires a patient-specific, highly tailored and specific response to be generated in real time.

The Predict Suite

The Predict suite of software tools were developed from the ground up in order to deliver exactly that. Our rules engine was re-written to enable it to render content rapidly in real time while running through over 1000 rules to generate very specific content.

Our forms collect data required to drive the decision support, so our forms need to be built in a way which ensures that the input content is well structured, validated and accurate. Without this, if you put rubbish in, you can expect to get rubbish out.

Our editorial tools allow for clinical specialists to create and maintain our clinic knowledge-bases; we partner with specialist organisations with interests in guideline development and the application of evidence-based medical treatments.

Our storage systems allow us to hold data which has been submitted into our tools, securely and safely; we encrypt all patient-identifiable information before writing it to any database.

Our population health databases and approaches allow us to structure our tools to deliver clinical programmes of care; our reporting systems allow us to aggregate important clinical information by groups of patients.

Our workflow systems allow us to track progress for individuals through pre-determined programme workflow.

The combination of the above has allowed us to create complex software systems for multi-faceted registry products, in-depth clinical decision support systems, workflow / enrolment systems, accounting / billing by-products, health monitoring tools for periodic medical surveillance and more.

Within this section of our website we feature some of our medically orientated products, largely based around the Predict suite of tools.

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