Predict Workplace

Streamlining workflows for workplace medicals

Expanding from the success of the Predict Medical products, Enigma were approached to develop a screening and periodic assessment tool for the New Zealand Fire Service. We developed and rolled out a national programme for the NZFS to use for their periodic medical surveillance activities for their permanent and volunteer fire-fighters.

This was the genesis of the Predict Workplace set of products. Over the next six years the product set grew and has now gained further modules.

We have a collection of tools now known as Predict Pre-Employment which incorporate Pre-Employment ‘fit for work’ checks woven into the HR / Recruitment workflow, through to the recruitment of a candidate and their enrolment within preiodic health monitoring.

These products (in New Zealand) use standard messaging formats to communicate with GPs who provide the required medical assessments.

They bring together a number of people involved in the recruitment processes including: the Candidate, the Hiring Managers, the Medical Providers, the Employee, the Occupational Nursing staff and Regional Managers.

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