Disability Services

Equipment Modification Services – National Programme

The EMS system is the Equipment and Modification Services Prioritisation Tool, has been created for the Ministry of Health Disability Support Services.

The Prioritisation Tool is used by ~2,500 EMS Assessors across New Zealand and is the means by which the EMS Assessors establish whether or not funding is available for their Clients. Based on a complex algorithm provided by the Ministry, the Prioritisation Tool comprises data from the Client’s perspective and the EMS Assessor’s perspective regarding the impact of the Client’s disability on their life and their ability to benefit from the potential solution identified.

This data is then used to calculate whether or not funding is available for the Client. The Prioritisation Tool is used for all Equipment and Modification Services excluding Band 1 List Equipment.

Enhanced integration to ease workflow

This system demonstrates a number of key integration points:

  • eSAM address validation services provided by NZPost via MoH license
  • Soon to be connected to the National NHI service provided by the MoH
  • EMS Assessor profile data received from the Enable NZ Assessor Online service to automatically create user accounts
  • Online training confirmation received from Kineo’s Health Online training system
  • Single sign-on links through to the two EMS Provider systems – Enable NZ and accessable
  • Inventory and expenditure data received from Enable NZ and accessable after services have been delivered


Once services have been delivered, details on the equipment and services which have been provided are returned to the Prioritisation Tool so that all EMS Assessors working with a Client can see what has already been provided. Average expenditure details are available to all EMS Assessors and the Ministry of Health.

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