Health Monitoring

Predict Health Monitoring provides online Occupational Health Screening Assessment Tools, giving insight into the health status of your work force at any one time.

  • Employee Registration
  • Change of Employee Details
  • Assessments
    • Vision Assessment
    • Hearing Assessment
    • Spirometry – Lung Function
    • Cardiovascular Risk Screening, including access to Your Heart Forecast
    • Musculoskeletal
    • Epworth Sleepiness Scale
  • Vaccinations Module
  • Asbestos Module
  • Reporting Functions
  • Offline capability
  • Other modules developed as required

Easily manage your Occupational Health obligations and target potential risk and costs with speed and accuracy. Benefits of Predict Health Monitoring

For Occupational Health Service Providers

  • Efficient recording and filing of workplace occupational health screening assessments
  • Seamless system changes and updates
  • Reduced training requirements
  • Faster, efficient tailored customer reports
  • Industry benchmark comparisons
  • Exception reporting
  • Research and investigative services where negative health trends identified
  • Demonstrates compliance and competence for Annual Certification process

For Companies

  • Information and reporting available in real time
  • Immediate access to aggregated company information
  • Occupational health risks can be targeted and reduced
  • Precise, efficient demonstration of ‘OSH compliance’ for audit purposes
  • Comparative industry statistics available
  • Modifications and tailoring for specific needs

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“Predict Workplace” – Downloads

Looking for the downloadable files needed to use your Predict Health Monitoring license when you’re offline? Contact Support.