ANZACS-QI (Registry)

All of New Zealand, Acute Coronary Syndrome – Quality Improvement (Registry).


An advanced, web-based registry system to support data capture for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) management in secondary care after a patient has experienced an ACS event. The Registry collects standardised data from all ACS and Cathlab centres in New Zealand, allowing for benchmarking of services provided and detailed quality improvement to be performed.

In some settings this service also provides detailed electronic clinical decision support (Acute Predict [CVD-Diabetes]) into the secondary care wards to aid with the preparation of consistent pre-discharge treatment plans. Where this is used it assists with clinical KPI reporting for in-ward treatment delivery.

  • Improve secondary prevention management, short and long term, regardless of age, status or ethnicity
  • Capture accurate and timely data across the whole country
  • Provide real-time reports showing service delivery metrics
  • Encourage participation and buy-in within the clinical provider networks through benchmarking reports and regional comparisons
  • Increase the use of evidence to support clinical decisions
  • Enable Clinicians to target investigation and intervention initiatives
  • Improve the quality of patient care
  • Measure accurate and strategic population health trends of activity, prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Improve compliance with clinical guidelines
  • Created with credible clinical partners, Counties Manukau Health

A web-based system to support clinical quality improvement in secondary care Cardiology practice and to better understand the relevant population health profile within regions and nationally.

The Benefits of Acute PREDICT (ANZACS QI)

  • Provide guideline-based patient-specific decision support
  • Improve compliance and consistency of care based on national guidelines
  • Integrate cardiovascular disease (CVD) management and acute coronary syndrome (ACS) clinic with the catheter lab to deliver multiple information streams critical to ensuring an effective care-planning process
  • Review Clinician-focused management advice and provide patient-focused personalised information to help with future prevention
  • Better manage the population through valuable information gained from structured and consistent data collection
  • Improve drug prescribing and dosage decisions
  • Increase patient engagement through shared knowledge and decision making
  • Track patient management, enhance teamwork and improve clinical workflow
  • View details of patients’ previous events, recorded in any hospital using Acute Predict
  • Report on detailed outcomes and target improvements effectively
  • Easily measure clinic activities and performance against key performance indicators

Options for Acute Predict / ANZACS-QI

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Tracking and Management, with direct referrals and enrolment from Acute Predict
  • Secondary Care Screening, with messaging of risk assessments back into Primary Care
  • PREDICT CVD Diabetes – electronic clinical decision support management module
  • ANZACS-QI Research Trials – leverage off the National Platform to conduct further research in associated areas

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