CVD Risk & Diabetes Management

PREDICT CVD Diabetes Management

The most advanced web-based electronic clinical assessment, management and decision support system for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and Type 2 diabetes.

CVD Diabetes management - electronic clinical decision support

  • Reduce inequalities in health status
  • Improve compliance with clinical guidelines
  • Increase the use of evidence to support clinical decisions
  • Improve drug prescribing and dosage decisions
  • Structure population health programmes
  • Encourage preventative care
  • Improve diagnostic accuracy
  • Created with credible clinical partners, University of Auckland (SoPH)

Periodically, the University of Auckland (through the ‘VIEW’ research group) obtain an anonymised PREDICT data extract from those organisations who have opted in to collaborate with their research. Enigma routinely provides this data to them in a way which can be anonymously linked with National Outcomes data. The last extract was performed in January 2017, and the set contained 537,648 patients, with 1,761,037 submitted sets of data. Click here to read more about how the anonymised linkage is performed.

Decision Support for Screening, Targeting, and Proactive Management of CVD and diabetes.

The Benefits of Predict CVD-Diabetes

  • Improved health outcomes and disease management
  • Increased patient engagement through shared knowledge and decision making
  • Increased consistency of care based on current national guidelines
  • Tracking of patient management, enhanced teamwork and improved clinical workflow
  • Structured and consistent data collection, aids measurement and PPP counts
  • Information to better manage population chronic disease risk
  • Improved structured programme of care
  • Engaging patient orientated material, including personal clinical indicators
  • CVD risk can be profiled by snapshot and over time, seemlessly integrating with Your Heart Forecast, the leading CVD Risk visualisation tool
  • Proven track record, used with over 300,000 patients (June, 2012)
  • Ongoing refinement and updates in line with new evidence; now undergoing it’s sixth major revision

Options for CVDDM

  • Messaging into Primary Care practices
  • Integrated with Your Heart Forecast
  • Tracking of Secondary Care activities
  • Billing / BCTIs

Versions of CVDDM

  • Community – used within Marae, Churches, etc.
  • Workplace – used within Corporate programmes
  • Primary Care – used by PHOs
  • Secondary Care
  • Secondary Care Acute

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