NZ Donor Referrals

NZ Donor Referrals – NZ National Programme

A real-time system to aid with the efficient distribution and allocation of available organs as and when they become available.

Enigma is working with Organ Donation New Zealand to create a National Donor Referral System. This system will facilitate the organ donation process from the point at which a potential organ and/or tissue donor is identified.


A telephone call from ICU triggers the process for the Donor Coordinator to create the record for the potential donor. All the data necessary for Transplant Units and/or Tissue Banks to make an informed decision about whether the organ is suitable or not is captured in this record. Using the referral workflow adapted from the eRMS system, referrals are generated to the relevant Transplant Unit(s) (Heart & Lung, Liver or Renal) and/or Tissue Bank(s). After reviewing the details on the potential donor, a decision would be made by the Transplant Unit/Tissue Bank as to whether the organ/tissue is suitable for their patients by way of either accepting or rejecting the referral.

Facilitating feedback and ongoing contact with donor’s family

Once the transplant has taken place, the referrals are returned to the Donor Coordinator with high level details on the Recipient(s); the record can be finalised; reports can be run and data can be exported. The Donor Coordinator continues to refer to the donor record for ongoing follow up with the donor families for as long as the donor family would like. Finally, there is also a direct link through to Organ Donation’s Death Audit, another system which was delivered and is maintained by Enigma.

This system is expected to be in a pilot phase later this year.