About Us

Enigma is a leading provider of Clinical Knowledge Management and Electronic Clinical Decision Support systems for the health sector. Enigma’s range of software solutions provide tools for health professionals to target, screen, and proactively manage and measure a range of chronic health conditions and other health issues across primary and secondary settings, in the workplace, and extending to community and personal use.

The company was founded in 1996, originally called Enigma Publishing Limited, and has transitioned from a health information publishing and management company to a company dedicated to the creation and tailoring of sophisticated and powerful web-based solutions for the health sector. Enigma’s aim is to assist healthcare organisations achieve their goals through utilisation of evidence-based information to improve healthcare and achieve better outcomes. The company’s name was changed to Enigma Solutions Limited in 2012, to better align with the styles of services being delivered.

Our vision is simple: To be a world leading source of Electronic Knowledge Management solutions.

The company has developed software platforms that are used to deliver many different web based solutions.

  • PREDICT eCDS – decision support for care management;
  • PREDICT Registry – workflow and data capture and reporting solutions;
  • PREDICT TeamCare– workflow and referral management, including service delivery and billing;
  • PREDICT Workplace – workflow and data capture for corporate health applications;

Combining the breadth of functionality delivered by these systems enables a wide range of health screening and management tools, and information management for all parts of the health sector.

Our core competencies are in software development, and our skills and services come together to deliver effective and tailored software solutions. In applying our specialist skills and services, we ensure that clients’ specific requirements are identified and met through efficient, effective implementation and ongoing support.

Headquartered in Albany, New Zealand, Enigma also operates in the Australian market.