Predict Pre-Employment, Health and Fit-for-Work Checks

A web-based solution for recording, evaluating, managing and storing Pre-Employment, Periodic and Triggered medical assessments.

  • Standardisation and consistency for medical assessments and monitoring across your organisation, over the web in real time
  • Ensures that workplace-based health information such as consents, screening questionnaires and attachments are complete and recorded for future retrieval
  • Improved productivity through a reduction in time required for the collection, processing, management and storage of health information
  • Customised reports specific to your company’s requirements
  • No need for physical storage of files, and no risk of paper files being misplaced
  • Health and medical information is stored electronically, remote from the company, staff cannot gain unauthorised/inappropriate access

Predict Pre-Employment optimises all workplace medical assessments carried out on staff and potential employees, by ensuring all information and consents are complete, eligible, confidential and remotely stored for future reference.

Benefits of Predict Pre-Employment

  • Real-time information
  • Ensures visibility of the assessment process by all stakeholders
  • Standardisation and control of medical assessments
  • Enforces consistency across organisations and industries
  • Minimises the need for paper records, reducing physical storage requirements
  • Automatically identifies risks
  • Ensures complete and eligible consents and records
  • Ensures confidentiality and privacy

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Predict Workforce - Pre Employment health checks