COVID-19 – Supporting contact-tracing into Level 2 and beyond.

Updated: 8-May-2020

As we enter into Level 2 of COVID-19 alert levels, one of the primary responsibilities placed on businesses is around the requirement to be capable of supporting contact-tracing for individuals who come into their facilities.

Our approach for Level 2 will be a combination of the following:

  • Continued general restriction of movements into the office.
  • All meetings will be remote, and online.
  • No courier deliveries to our office while in Level 2.
  • All access to our office will be logged using a simple on-line form, accessed by QRCode displayed on the front-door, capturing the minimum govt recommended data fields: Name, Cellphone, Email, Primary office contact for visit. Time in, Time Out for all visitors.
  • Staff will be using this same mechanism of logging in during Level 2.

The above, logged access data will be subject to a specific (brief) data handling and privacy policy, outlined here:

  • Data relating to those who access Enigma’s office space will be kept strictly private and not disclosed without due and reasonable cause.
  • Data is being captured for the purpose of Enigma’s compliance with NZ Govt’s COVID-19 restrictions and requirements for business operation.
  • As such, within this, there is an expectation that data can and will be shared with public health units as required.
  • Data will be stored for at least two months, but no more than 4 months.
  • Any queries can be addressed with Enigma’s Privacy Officer. Call 09-9129100 for details.