TeamCare In Action

TeamCare – streamlining the mental health referral process

Enigma’s TeamCare solution has been used for a number of years to facilitate the process of referring people in primary care with concerns around their mental health, to Counsellors, Psychologists and others who provide associated services, to help them with their concerns. The instance of TeamCare used for mental health referrals depends on the type of service needed; Enigma has customised its TeamCare platform to create a number of mental health solutions that are used on a daily basis – customised at the front end dependent on the requirements of the customer and the user.

How is TeamCare actually being used?

The systems described below are real examples of how TeamCare is being used on a daily basis.

PCRMS – Primary Care Referral Management System

PCRMS is Enigma’s core mental health referral solution whereby patients are referred directly from the practice to PHO-funded services such as brief interventions, counselling etc. This can be done using eReferrals or by enrolling patients directly into the programme from within practice. The PHO and the Providers access the cloud-based system to triage, allocate packages of care, assign, monitor and record session details for the patients with all invoicing occurring automatically as each session is recorded. PCRMS uses the full suite of functionality available within TeamCare, detailed on the TeamCare page.

Wellness Support

Enigma is proud that TeamCare is the platform chosen by Counties Manukau Health to support their Wellness Support primary mental health model of care. Wellness Support  was recently awarded the NZ Primary Healthcare Award for Best Mental Health Programme. The model is used directly by GPs and Nurses in-practice to enable them to record mental health consultations for their patients and as in the case of PCRMS, all funding and reporting flows automatically in real-time.

For more information on Counties Manukau Health’s Wellness Support model of care click here.

TeamCare Wellness

Since mid-2019 TeamCare has been used by Health Improvement Practitioners (HIP) and Health Coaches, both in-practice and externally, to deliver services for their clients, initially as part of a pilot programme* which includes progress reporting to the Ministry of Health. Based on feedback received from the HIPs and Health Coaches the system was adapted to further meet their needs. This system has been updated to ensure fully automated reporting of data to the Ministry of Health for the Integrated Primary Mental Health & Addictions (IPMHA) programme and is in the process of being deployed further afield.

TeamCare Wellness provides the full TeamCare functionality as described on the TeamCare page of this website, adapted to reflect the unique requirements of the Ministry’s Integrated Primary Mental Health & Addictions (IPMHA) programme. It enables HIPs and Health Coaches to record details on all consults they deliver to their clients – including if their client does not attend – giving them full oversight of all services delivered for a client under a referral. A data extract to mirror the Ministry’s reporting requirements (Version 0.7) can be generated automatically by simply clicking a button. This can be uploaded to the Ministry using the DHB’s own Ministry reporting process.

TeamCare Wellness also allows people to be referred to healthcare providers based outside of the practice such as Community Support workers. This process works in exactly the same way as referring people for counselling or psychological services, either via the PHO or directly to the appropriate Provider Organisation, where the receiving Provider can update the record based on the activity that they are about to take or have already taken.

If you are looking for a solution in your DHB to facilitate the delivery of HIP and Health Coach services, including reporting, for the Ministry’s IPMHA programme and you would like more information on TeamCare Wellness or to discuss other options, please contact us.

*The pilot programme was called Te Tumu Waiora and the use of TeamCare to deliver this programme was commissioned by Northland DHB. Further details can be provided on request.