Predict Health

Operating on the fringes of Predict Medical, we’ve provided a number of products which are more heavily orientated to the end-users or consumers rather than providing benefit predominantly for the Medical Provider. We’ve chosen to call these products the Predict Health group of products.

  • Predict GRX (Green Prescription) is a product which was developed for Sports Trusts and other groups who deliver the GRX intervention to consumers. Patients are enrolled in this system by GPs or other practice-based medical staff. Green Prescriptions are often provided in place of a medication prescription; they form a directly-delivered lifestyle intervention.This system tracks enrolments and collects structured data and workflow inputs to track an individual’s progress through the GRX process.
  • The Early Years Hub is a system developed for an enrolled set of children to provide systematic tracking of services which have been delivered to them by a collection of servicing agencies including Plunket, School Dental services, WINZ, Immunisations, Pre-School Hearing checks etc.
  • Your Heart Forecast (Consumer Version) is a modified version of the acclaimed clinical tool, made to be used by end consumers directly.

Early Years HubYour Heart Forecast