A new platform, based upon the ‘PREDICT v2.5’ suite, built-in work-flow engines, definable forms, service definitions, cohorts of patients and service providers. – Capable of providing coordinated services in a number of different main styles:

  • Direct enrolments
  • Inward referrals
  • Centrally coordinated packages of care
  • Triaged services / Stepped Care
  • Combinations of all of the above.

The platform builds upon an inward referral / enrolment, into a set of coordination services in parallel with direct referrals to allied health service providers (this system was previously known as PCRMS); extensions now allow a Stepped Care approach for service delivery where a degree of initial management and triage is provided before external services are then called upon.

All of these activities can attract service payments as required; services are accounted for, and payments are made, through the extensive in-built ‘service definitions’ and their associated charging schemes. Accounting is performed using BCTIs which can be used to directly pay the contracted service providers. Monthly payment schedules are exportable into external accounting formats which enable you to direct use your own local account and ledger codes.

Additional features provided by this approach and platform include:

  • Managed budgets / allocations of packages of care
  • Integral accounting for service costs / direct creation of BCTI (buyer created tax invoices) to allow easy payment from the contract holders to the service providers
  • Key clinical benchmarking – baseline and exit assessments allow tracking and reporting of outcomes
  • Shared views across the Care Team, providing patient centred insights into what is happening with and for the patient
  • Visibility on who has the next planned contact with the patient
  • Shared patient histories available for those involved with the patient’s care.

TeamCare can help you to deliver services to patients in the following three styles:

Direct – Service requests

TeamCare - Basic Direct Request

Coordinated Care – Packages managed centrally

TeamCare - Coordinated Services

Stepped Care – Local triage before involving others

TeamCare - Stepped Care

Real world, examples of services

TeamCare - Community / Allied Health