Your Heart Forecast – IHIC

The leading CVD Risk visualisation tool for clinicians and patients, communicating CVD Risk using a trajectory approach.

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  • Patient specific, highly relevant to individuals
  • Pictorial / story board approach, easy to understand
  • Generates a ‘Heart Age’ for your patient
  • Implements the NZ based, CVD Risk Assessment guidelines
  • Evidence based, NZGG guidelines
  • Created with credible partners;
  • University of Auckland (SoPH) and Heart Foundation of NZ
  • Integrated into PREDICT CVD-Diabetes

Communicate CVD Risk to your patients; drive early patient engagement over lifestyle interventions. Show patients the difference they can make to their future health.

Benefits of Your Heart Forecast

For Providers

  • Visually show the degree of CVD Risk
  • Determine the ideal risk level of your patient
  • Show how far from an ideal risk level they are
  • Calculate a ‘Heart Age’ for each patient
  • Project future risk as your patient ages
  • Interactively demonstrate the effect of
  • changing modifiable risk factors (smoking)
  • Provide a printable summary
  • Invite your patient to re-play their forecast at home or at work

For Patients

  • View your CVD risk level and categorisation Understand how far from an ideal profile you currently are, expressed both graphically and also as a ‘Heart Age’
  • See how your risk will vary as you age, and when you may need to start medication
  • Use the ‘WHAT-IF’ section to see how you can alter your risk, see the effect of each change
  • See the difference that quitting smoking makes
  • Get a personalised invitation to re-play the forecast on the Heart Foundation’s website (Know Your Numbers)
  • Use Your Heart Forecast at home and talk with your family about what this means to you and the changes which you need to make
  • Decide to make lifestyle changes to avoid necessary medication or hospitalisation


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Your Heart Forecast