COVID-19 Update: 18-Mar-2020 (Enigma)

Last Updated: 18 Mar 2020.

Enigma has assessed likely impacts from COVID-19 and how they might affect our ability to deliver services.

We believe that we are well positioned and fully capable of delivering continued and uninterrupted services to you, at our normal levels, through the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Last week we implemented strengthened distancing measures for our staff at work, and will continue to do so for the immediate future.
  • We are well prepared to be able to work remotely, and have conducted a full-office work from home day, with no discernible negative impact.
  • We have a reliable infrastructure which requires a minimum amount of hands-on attention and intervention on a week to week basis.
  • We have extensive system monitoring and reporting which is a well established and core aspect of our approach to meeting service level expectations.
  • Our entire phone system, all normal extensions and calling groups work while we are working remotely, things like extension dialling and transferring calls are not impacted.
  • Our staff are well used to using remote meeting tools (our preference is ZOOM), and use these routinely.
  • We have a shared knowledge base (our wiki) which is accessible to our staff from home.
  • Our support systems are web-based.
  • We have a company wide ‘Slack’ environment which enables our developers to collaborate well, remotely.

Our staff will remain available to you, our customers, as normal, through all normal channels. We will be maintaining our normal working hours, and a normal full working week.

Should any of our individual staff members become ill during the pandemic, we will obviously prioritise their health and safety and their recovery. We will assess the impact on any in-flight development work and make required adjustments. Our team has sufficient breadth in their product knowledge and cover to be able to cover all aspects of production products.

If anything were to change, we will let you know at the earliest possible opportunity.

Currently all 10 of our full-time staff, and our two regular contract-based workers are fighting fit; we have had no direct, first hand concerns as of yet.

All further updates will be posted to this URL.

COVID-19 – Enigma’s response and policy.

In light of growing local concerns around COVID-19 and the potential for Auckland-based community-spread, Enigma has developed a policy aimed at keeping our staff, their families and our customers safe from impact (which Enigma might create, or be reasonably in control of).

Today, 10th March, Enigma has implemented a number of changes to policy and to our office setup:

  1. No casual visitors will be allowed to enter our office space. – Couriers etc will be greeted at our office door.
  2. All booked appointments will be expected to execute hand-hygiene measures upon arrival, visitors will be limited to our entry area, meeting room and bathroom areas. General office space and kitchen areas are out of bounds.
  3. Enigma staff will be prohibited from attending meetings at Hospital, DHB, PHO or clinic settings (except where this is absolutely imperative).
  4. Enigma staff are strongly encouraged to make every effort to arrange remote meetings wherever possible. We have good teleconferencing and online meeting tools which should enable us to carry on with all business meetings remotely.
  5. Office and personal hygiene policies and procedures have been circulated to staff in an effort to keep our office space ‘a clean and safe zone’.
  6. While we will be happy to wave and say hello, we won’t be shaking hands for the immediate future.
  7. Staff have been requested to consider whether travel is necessary, and also to be considerate of any mass-public-gatherings they attend.
  8. Staff have been requested to execute good personal hygiene at home (and in transit) and to encourage good practices across their families and direct contacts.

This position and our stance will be reviewed weekly.

If you have any questions about this, please contact
A copy of our internal policy document is here: Covid-19-Policy_v1.01 – for anyone with shared interests / common concerns.

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